Last July

Analecta (2018)

Containing four tracks previously only available via download plus a classic from our now out-of-print first EP, this compilation has been re-mastered and presented with new artwork as a limited edition Digipack CD.

5-Track CD  £5.50 + p&p

Available here.

Into the Void / Afraid of the Light (2015)

Double A-side single.

Available as a FREE Download.

Perceptions (2013)

A collection of remixes and alternate versions of some of our songs from the past three years. Featuring reworkings by Pretentious, Moi?, Cryogenica, Deathboy, History of Guns and more...

Available as a FREE Download and limited edition CD.

13-track CD album  £5 + p&p

Price (inc. p&p)

A True Story of a Lie (2012)

12-Track CD Album  £10 + p&p

Price (inc. p&p)

Download £8.00

Glamorous Parasite (2011)

3-Track CDS  £2.50 + p&p

Price (inc. p&p)

Nothing Else But You EP (2010)

5-Track CD  £4 + p&p

Price (inc. p&p)

Download £3.00


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