Last July


 Last July are a UK based Dark Romantic band with a sound derived from a wide breadth of influences including Goth, New Romantic and Rock. Their songs tell stories of emotion and sorrow; though far from morbid their music remains upbeat with an optimistic edge. Passionate about performing live, they blend dark atmospheres with driving guitars and strong melodic vocals.

Last July are: Alixandrea Corvyn (vocals), Dvae Stanton (guitars/synths) and Nevla (bass).

past members: Sam Morrison (guitar), H (bass), Rob Leydon (guitar), David Newson (bass).

 Initially formed as a two-piece, Last July quickly gathered a following after playing to a packed audience at the Resolution Hotel during Whitby Goth Weekend in 2009. Releasing their debut EP the following year, they received welcoming reviews and gained airplay on internet radio. In 2011 Last July embarked on the next chapter with the addition of new members to further expand their sound. After a string of successful gigs and festival appearances the band turned their attention to recording their first full-length album; 'A True Story of a Lie' was released the following year to critical acclaim. The next few years saw the band frequent bigger stages, make their first foray into Europe and also the release of the remix album 'Perceptions' featuring re-works by Pretentious, Moi?, Cryogenica, DeathBoy and more. Alas life got in the way and the band went on haitus before the completion and subsequent loss of the second album. After a couple of years Alix & Dvae returned to the live scene and the band again grew steadily in reputation and members.

A new chapter begins in January 2023 with Alix & Dvae now rejoined by Nevla taking on bass duties...

Alixandrea Corvyn (vocals/live synths)

Alix has been causing people eardrum trouble ever since she found her vocal cords. Finally learning to harness and direct this fearsome weapon, she subsequently joined several bands, including 'Fruit Tree', 'Skelliga', 'Foxtrot Uniform', 'Angelust' and 'The Texas Chainsaw Orchestra'. This lead to some surreal moments such as Fruit Tree supporting Napalm Death; as well as choice ones with Skelliga playing the main stage at Strawberry Fair. In recent years Alix has had a prolific solo carrer with several albums under her belt, and has also turned her hand to Vocal coaching, cycling instructor, HGV driver, and if she has any time left over she can usually be found inside a book.

Dvae Stanton (keyboards/guitar)

Dvae has been playing keyboards and mastering the frankly terrifying world of electronic music since his school days. He was a founding member of 90s pop group Slamm, who tried to bring musicianship and credibility back to mainstream music. After touring the UK and Ireland promoting their seven single releases and numerous tv appearances he left Slamm to concentrate on projects of a darker sound. After experimenting with a number of different bands while learning sound engineering he finally started work on his solo writing project 'Summer Never Comes'; the morphogenesis of Last July.

Dvae took over guitar duties temporarily in 2015, and then permantly in 2019 making his guitar recording debut on the Forever EP.

Nevla (guitar 2011-2013, bass 2023-present)

He's back! - After a handful of guest appearances Nevla is now officially back in the fold as Last July's new bass player.

  Nevla has been making noises with guitars for many years. He's been a member of Rome Burns since 2002 and also had a brief stint as a session guitarist for All Living Fear in 2009/10. His musical tastes are very broad, starting with 30's big-band Jazz and folk music, through 80's pop, ambient trance and German industrial right up to death metal. When he has a guitar strapped to him he has a passion for crafting interesting riffs and playing tight rhythm sections. When he's not playing guitars, he rather enjoys looking at them - and currently has a collection of 14, including acoustic and bass. Other passions include Horror and Science Fiction films and TV series, the natural world, modelling, photography and video games. His favourite beverages are Scotch and Real Ale, favourite food is Chilli and he's mildly obsessive about Hedgehogs. And in case you were wondering he's a Cancerian with his moon in Taurus.

Nevla uses Clayton Custom plectrums exclusively.

Appears on: Analecta [2018], Into the Void/Afraid of the Light [2015], A True Story of a Lie [2012], Perceptions [2013], Glamorous Parasite [2011].

Previous Members

H (bass 2012-2014)

Hailing from a far and distant land... ok, not that far and distant... just outside Glasgow, she has been playing music from a very tender age. Things suddenly became clearer in her teens when she discovered the good stuff and the power of rock, fell in love with being on stage and has never looked back. H has been a member of many bands over the years, from fronting her own covers band Onchi, and completing the line up for Hoot 'n' Roar, The Current Commitments, and Black Days. H is also an honorary, and the only female member thus far, in the Warlords of The Rock Apocalypse, (where she was christened Anna Phylaxis), she was the original bassist for The Lost Weekend (with enigmatic front man Ade Bailey) and most recently has been playing bass with Rome Burns. She draws her influences from the most unlikeliest of sources, but still manages to make the most awesome noises emanate from four Strings.
* text unashamedly stolen from *

Appears on: Analecta [2018], Into the Void/Afraid of the Light [2015].

Sam (guitar 2013-2014)

Unlike H, Sam really does come from about as far and distant a land as can be - he's an import from Australia. He also has a long, chequered and frequently disgraceful history with music, having spent ten years as a classical cellist before graduating to bass, keyboards and guitar in his late teens when the he embraced the power of rock, metal, industrial and goth. Although most of his credits have been in Australian bands like Felinedown and Tycho Brahe, Sam is no stranger to the UK scene, having been touring bass player for Voices of Masada from their 2008 Australian tour to their 2010 farewell show at Wave Gotik Treffen. Away from the stage and studio, Sam likes long walks on the beach, talking about football and telling blatant lies about his hobbies.

Appears on: Analecta [2018], Into the Void/Afraid of the Light [2015].

Rob Leydon (guitar 2016-2018)

Rob Leydon is a songwriter from Canterbury, Kent and was one of the founding members of ‘Voices of Masada’, previously signed to Strobelight Records before disbanding in 2010. Rob is also guitarist for ‘The Eden House‘. Additionally, he has played as a session guitarist for ‘NOSFERATU’ and was guitarist for ‘Adoration’. After many years working as a guitarist for various bands, Rob now sings in Red Sun Revival. He currently lives in Oxfordshire.
* text unashamedly stolen from *

David Newson (bass 2016-2021)

Although the newest member of Last July, David's enthusiasm and dedication are no doubt the strongest by far. The others will probably get rid of him soon.

David's current ambition is to kill Dvae via alcohol poisoning.

Appears on: Forever [2022].